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Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNSD makes a surprise entrance on the Oricon charts

SNSD/Girls’ Generation had another hit comeback with their second album, Oh!, as many of us know. In fact, it was so successful that it surprisingly entered on Japan’s Oricon charts!

The chart stated that SNSD’s second album was at the #54 spot for the second week of February. Although this number may seem low on the ranks, it’s quite an achievement considering the fact that the group did not have any promotions or appearances in Japan at all.

A representative from SM Entertainment said,

“We are surprised that SNSD’s comeback album got on the Oricon charts without any promotions. The album is also famous in many other Asian countries like China. There were rumors going around about SNSD’s possible promotions in the Japanese music market. We haven’t decided on this yet. However, the album is selling very well in Japanese stores.”

It looks like k-pop really is dominating all over Asia. Let’s just hope that we can get more attention in the West, and then we’ll be global!

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