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Sunday, February 14, 2010

SNSD’s Yuri is a gold digger and YoonA is dating this fall?

On the recent episode of Star King, fortune tellers gave predictions on Yuri and YoonA’s love lives, and the predictions are shocking to say the least!

According to the fortune tellers, YoonA will end up with a boyfriend within the same profession, and it could even be as early as this fall! On the other hand, Yuri was surprisingly predicted to be a gold digger, and a successful one too!

Although that’s not much of a prediction on Yuri’s part because if she was ever a gold digger, obviously she would be the best. I mean this gif alone already made me want to marry her and then immediately die right after, leaving her all my money.

All you YoonA fanboys out there shouldn’t fret too much either because that prediction about future boyfriend is most likely false. How do I know this? Well that’s easy, he said that YoonA’s future boyfriend would be in the same profession, i.e. a singer. I however, am definitely not a singer. I mean I’ve thought about becoming a singer in the past, but for some reason everyone kept on complaining about how my voice was so offensive that it actually made them angry. Usually that wouldn’t be enough to stop me, but after getting my ass beat a few times, I decided to just give up that dream. Therefore, the prediction is false. Case closed.

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