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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunny is feeling a little under the weather

Owing to the cold weather and a tight schedule, Sunny was sent to the emergency room on the 10th.

After filming KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Youth‘ near Gangwon province, the sick SNSD member complained about symptoms of a cold and subsequently went to a hospital in Seoul with her manager.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated on the 11th, “Due to cold symptoms and fatigue, Sunny was sent to the emergency room and was recommended to receive an IV yesterday (the 10th). However, she insisted that it would be better to rest at the dormitory instead. Based on her condition tomorrow morning, we will determine if she needs to visit the hospital again.”

Because of her poor condition, Sunny was unable to join the rest of the SNSD members in their schedule. While SNSD appeared as the special guests on MBC radio ‘Shindong and Kim Shin Young’s Shim Shim Ta Pa,’ Sunny did not attend. Kim Shin Young explained to the listeners on air that Sunny was absent because she didn’t feel too well.

SONES are hoping for a speedy recovery so that “the sun will come out… tomorrow~” on KBS Music Bank alongside SNSD to deliver another Oh!-some performance on stage.

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