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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Bang’s Seungri wants to hook SNSD’s Yuri up with someone!

Back in October, we reported that Big Bang’s Seungri and SNSD’s Yuri would be starting classes as freshman at Chung-Ang University this year. Although classes have just started for these two idols, it seems like Seungri already has plans for his new life as a uni-student.

Yesterday, on KBS 2TV’s broadcast of ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ Seungri stated, “As Yuri and I now go to school together, I’m going to give her a boyfriend.” In addition, he commented that he wanted to get to know Yuri more throughout the school year. Could it be that Seungri has a crush on Yuri? Not quite. On being asked if he had feelings for Yuri, Seungri answered, “No, it’s not like that.” However, Seungri did mention that he was anticipating ‘meetings‘ (a.k.a. blind dates) as a college student.

During this show of ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ they joined Big Bang on a subway set for yet another CF that they were filming. And as the boys were fooling around, Seungri revealed, “I never rode the subway before.” To this, G-Dragon responded, “It’s because Seungri rode horses in Gwangju. He was popular for that.” Even Taeyang, who is usually the quiet one, added, “Seungri was the prince of Gwangju.”

Best of luck to Seungri and Yuri on their first year of college. May Yuri get a boyfriend this year, and good luck to the lucky girl(s) who will get to go on a blind date with the prince of Gwangju.

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