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Saturday, February 6, 2010

SNSD With Oh! Comeback Stage on Music Bank

SNSD finally made their comeback last week with their second album and a peppy music video. With explosive first day sales, the nine girls performed their addictive hit track Oh! on KBS Music Bank!

The girls definitely know how to liven up the stage and get the crowd going with their cute outfits, wonderful choreography and long slender legs. We’ve still got a follow-up music video with a new concept to look forward to, so enjoy this colorful cheery mood while it lasts as a dark and sexy one will be coming your way soon!



And that was not all and you must have expected this when the SNSD girls had announced their comeback earlier.

The competitors for the first K-Chart of February 2010 were 1-time winner CNBLUE with I’m a Loner. 2AM with Won’t let you go even if I die and SNSD with Oh!.

And it was the girls who came out on top with an amazing overall score of 23,077 points (new record!), far surpassing the amount garnered by CNBLUE and 2AM. Will they go on a super run like Gee in 2009? Well, we will just have to wait and see.

But it looks like they just might! One down, 8 more to equal Gee’s record.

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