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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SNSD’s Soo Young cornered in a public toilet stall

On the February 16th broadcast of Strong Heart, SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung confessed about an incident involving a toilet.

The members of SNSD understandably don’t get much vacation time for themselves, but Sooyoung had a rare chance to spend some time with her family so she did.

The family was at the Seoul subway stop when some fans took notice, Sooyoung who wasn’t all decked out in her stage apparel and makeup, ran into the bathroom to hide (she was afraid someone would write that she doesn’t look that good in person).

I noticed these two girls staring at me and whispering to each other. So I went to the bathroom to hide when I heard knocking on my stall door. So I tried to just keep quiet, but then I heard a girl say, ‘Sooyoung unni, are you there?’. I just stayed silent, hoping they would go away, but then the girl said, ‘Unni can you sign something for me?’.

And so the story went on with the girls persisting that it was Sooyoung who was in the stall. Eventually, Sooyoung had to deny that it was her, telling the girls, “I’m not Sooyoung sorry,” multiple times. Of course, just as the girls were losing hope, Sooyoung’s mother yells into the bathroom, “CHOI SOOYOUNG! ARE YOU POOPING!?

Of course, with her identity confirmed, no fan would just leave. Sooyoung said, “They slipped a piece of paper under the stall door and I just took it and quickly signed it. They eventually went away and I was finally able to get out of the bathroom!

Cornered in a public toilet stall and embarrassed by mom publicly, who could possibly complain?

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