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Sunday, February 21, 2010

SNSD’s “Into the New World” hits #1 on charts!

Yesterday on Music Core, several artists went back to their humble roots on a special segment called Back to the Debut in which they performed their debut songs. Among those artists, the talented SNSD girls once again performed their debut song, Into the New World. However, just two hours after this performance SNSD hit number one on the music charts again (and not with Oh!).

Last night’s Music Core episode seemed to have revived old feelings for SNSD as Into the New World hit number one on MelOn’s realtime chart. Their performance definitely was something of a flashback and it did make me long for the good ol’ days, but who knew the song would top charts once again?! By this rate, I’m sure SNSD could resell all their songs and still make a more-than-decent living!

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