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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who’s got the hottest bod in SNSD?

With 9 equally lean and sexy bodies prancing around on stage, how can one possibly decide such a thing?

On a recent episode of Section TV Entertainment Relay, SNSD’s maknae Seohyun was chosen as the member with the best body! Taeyeon spilled the beans of their maknae’s little secret on keeping her body so perfect by stating, “Seohyun works out at night while staring at herself in the mirror.”

As Seohyun bashfully went on to show some of her stretches, fellow member Tiffany revealed, “I can’t believe how mature and ladylike she has gotten!”

While the members happen to have reached an agreement on this difficult question, I’m stuck at a standstill. Seriously, with 9 hot talented girls, this kind of thing is impossible. I can barely decide between 2!

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