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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What did CN Blue’s Yong Hwa buy SNSD’s Seo Hyun for her birthday?

On this week’s ‘We Got Married‘, C.N. Blue’s Yong Hwa presented his ‘wife’ Seo Hyun with a sweet potato field as a birthday present.

In this episode, the Yong Hwa-Seo Hyun couple traveled to the Daemyung Port in Kimpo. Upon arrival, he walked her up a mountain and showed her the patch of sweet potato field that he already prepared for her.

Seo Hyun became ecstatic upon looking at the huge field, but Yong Hwa confessed, “Not all of this is mine, but I bought two rows.”

Seo Hyun responded, “I didn’t think I would get a sweet potato field as a birthday present”, and expressed her thanks towards Yong Hwa. As Seohyun was planting the sweet potato seeds, she laughed and told him “It was really good that you bought only two rows… This is so tiring that if you bought more, we would’ve been in big trouble.”

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