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Friday, October 29, 2010

2AM talks about competition with SNSD

2AM’s Jo Kwon has revealed his feelings on releasing the group’s first official album after spending nearly 10 years a JYPE trainee.

The group held an album showcase and press conference for “Saint O’Clock” on October 27th and stated, “We still can’t believe it, that’s how glad we are.”

Leader Jo Kwon continued, “When I first received ‘This Song‘ as a trainee, I practiced extremely hard to sing that one song. At the time, I waited for my debut without greed. Having always seen mini-albums, it’s hard to believe that we finally have an 11 track official album.”

With their debut in 2008, 2AM began releasing singles and mini-albums while going into acting and making variety program appearances. After two years and three months, the group finally produced their first official album consisting of 11 tracks.

Jo Kwon added, “Listeners will be able to hear a variety of different genres. There are standard and limited editions produced. You will not be disappointed.”

2AM will be promoting two tracks for this promotion cycle, including “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy.” Changmin introduced the songs by stating, “‘Like Crazy’ focuses primarily on the melody while ‘You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls’ focuses on each of the members’ voices. Listening to the two different atmospheres will be an enjoyable experience.”

The group relied on research from Nielsen Korea in order to choose their title tracks. Due to receiving a positive response on both of the songs, they decided to go with a double title promotion. Jinwoon added, “We have different outfits and music videos for both songs.”

Jo Kwon went on to thank SNSD for their overlapping promotion cycles. “Our cycles overlapped during our ‘Can’t Send You Even if I Die‘ cycle. We’re competitors with good intentions. I personally bought and listened to ‘Hoot‘ and found that it’s a very bright, cute song. I’m thankful for them for giving me another opportunity to express my kkap.”

Regarding the competition, Jo Kwon continued, “Our song is a ballad that fits well with the cold winter season. I think there will be a lot of people that are looking for ballad songs.”

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