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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SNSD ‘Gee’ MV unleashed!

On October 20th, Shoujo Jidai’s (SNSD / Girls’ Generation) is scheduled to unleash the Japanese version of 'Gee' but today you get to watch the full music video with SHINee’s Minho included once again.

1. A Regular Edition costing around 1100¥ (around $13) which includes the CD with 3 tracks: 1. Gee (日本語 Ver./Japanese Ver.), 2. Gee (韓国語 Ver./Korean Ver.) and 3. Gee (Without Main Vocal).

2. A Limited Edition (limited time offer) costing around 1100¥ (around $13) which will also include a bonus DVD PV of GEE.

3. A First Press Edition costing around 1800¥ (around $21) which will also include the DVD PV of GEE but also with a bonus PV of GEE Dance Version. In addition, the First Press Edition will include a Photo Book and one random photo card (out of a possible 9). It will also be contained in a “special package”.

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