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Friday, October 22, 2010

SNSD’s Soo Young, Yuri and Jessica leave messages for fans on official website

With the hype around SNSD / Girls’ Generation’s surprise comeback heightening after the reveal of the last set of teaser pictures along with their mini album's tracklist, members Soo Young, Jessica and Yuri uploaded posts on their official website’s open board, where they talked about their excitement for their upcoming promotions.

Check out the translations below.

Soo Young

SONE’s jjang~~!!
You guys have been waiting, right~ You guys have been waiting, right??
Hoot! SNSD will be making a comeback!!
According to the rumors floating around
While we were overseas,
Our SONE angels have been charging up their batteries to 100% so that the sound of their chants can pierce the sky…
Should we all shout until the roof of the broadcasting station blows away?? hahahaha
Ah my lips were so ticklish I thought I was going to die…
Because I wanted to tell everyone the good news that we were coming back!! T_T

But now I can say it confidently!

SNSD will be coming backkkkkk!!!! hehe

Let’s meet soon!!


Even I’m surprised and thankful for the interest everyone is showing
Let’s have fun, promoting together.
Kiss~ <3


SONEs~! Yo~!

I’m still touched by the pink wave and pink ribbons from the Taiwan concert..
We heard even more!! touching stories of SONEs while we’re in Japan~ ^^
Not much time left until our new album..!! Hoot! I’ve heard news that everyone is showing a lot of interest..
I’ve heard news that even when it hasn’t been revealed for long, people are already giving us lots of love..
I’ve heard news that our overseas fans are still showing their unchanged love for us!!
Oh and also, the news that any 20 year old girl would be happy to hear about..
That I was chosen.. for the best skin… that news… ^.~ !!
Thank you so much.. and I’m so happy..
We will return back all this love by becoming an awesome SNSD~
Please look forward to our upcoming promotions too.

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