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Saturday, October 16, 2010

SNSD member Tiffany performs the wrong version of ‘Gee’

On October 13th, the ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation attended the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Festival which was held at the Yeouido Park in Seoul. The girls performed 3 songs in total: Run Devil Run, Oh!, and Gee. The girls performed the songs flawlessly per usual with the exception of Gee.

As many of you know, the girls known as Shoujo Jidai in Japan are scheduled to release the Japanese version of Gee on October 20th. The girls are also scheduled to perform the Japanese version of Gee on the October 22nd edition of the popular music program Music Station. The girls were scheduled to perform the Korean version of Gee at this Festival but it seems SNSD member Tiffany had Japanese on the mind as she mistakenly performed the Japanese version.

Tiffany realizes the mistake and stops performing but you can visibly see both herself and fellow SNSD member Hyoyeon laughing about the mistake.

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