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Friday, October 22, 2010

2AM goes up against SNSD for the third time this year

2AM will be going up against SNSD for the third time this year with their first official album, “Saint O’Clock,” due for release on October 26th, and SNSD’s “Hoot” due for release the next day on the 27th.

This is the third time their promotion cycles have overlapped, the first cycle being 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” going up against SNSD’s “Oh!,” both released just four days apart.

2AM’s follow-up track, “I Did Wrong,” was released on March 16th, and again, SNSD followed with “Run Devil Run” on March 22nd.

Although both of 2AM’s tracks were recorded as big hits, the majority of industry representatives believe that 2AM could have fared better if they weren’t up against SNSD during both promotion cycles.

They’ll be facing each other off once more, this time with SNSD’s guerrilla style release, already dominating portal sites and search rankings with just their teasers alone. But 2AM has been showing themselves as strong competitors as well. This being their first official album release, the anticipation for the album has remained consistently high, with their official homepage already crashing with just audio teasers.

Both groups have done fantastic thus far, with 2AM showing their power on digital music charts while SNSD dominating album sales charts. SNSD hit a home run right off the bat while 2AM steadily and consistently worked their way up. Each face-off has brought more changes in the styles of each group, from dance, to ballad, to mature concepts, and to cute concepts, furthering the anticipation of music fans as to what they’ll show off next, and how they’ll fare this time around.

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