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Monday, October 25, 2010

SNSD’s Sunny and Tiffany leave messages for fans on official website

There’s only a few days left until SNSD’s comeback with their 3rd mini-album “Hoot,” and the ladies have been leaving messages for their fans through their official website’s open board. The newest members to toss a shoutout to SONEs all over the world are Tiffany and Sunny. Check out the translated messages below!


2010 October 22nd, late at night in our Japanese dorm…Our lovely SONE!! <3

How did our SONEs enjoy our feigned ignorance!?? ^^
You never imagined that we’d make such a surprise, secret, non-previewed comeback, right? Hehehe
It was hard for us as well!! Our mouths wanted to spill it all! TT! In order to see our SONEs surprised,
We protected this secret amongst ourselves
I don’t know if SONEs will know how much we want to present more than what you are anticipating.. >_<

Of course! We watched over our SONEs being surprised! and enjoying it!
We patted each other on the butts with much satisfaction. <3

Just as our SONEs want to give everything to us girls
We want to make sure that our SONEs laugh a lot, are happy because of us, are joyful, and feel strength
We have prepared our new album with such feelings!!
Please find strength while hearing! I’d like for you to enjoy it with us *^^*

There’s a song in this album that everyone will be sur.prised with the lyrics for
Are you ready?? <3>

Now our lovely SONE!! (Shall we go for a roll call?)
Unnis! Don’t be too sad that we’re only taking care of our uncle fans~
We watch and listen to all! ^^ <3>

Ja~ ja~!! Everyone is gathered now, right?! ^^ Let’s all play~ Let’s all shoot!!
Let’s make another new memory together!!
Our SONE!! Without missing one!! I love you all so so much >_< <3

- From the Sunny that misses everyone already”


Hello lovers (:
How can I wait until Friday?!!
I’m already so excited><*
OMG can’t wait till next Friday!!
Thanks for all the love &support already,
we’ll make sure to make ROCK it (;
everyone say “HOOT!” ^^ God bless

Were ready to make some REAL trooouuuble if you are! (;
Let’s go sosi/s♡ne let’s go! * clap x2 xoxo, – T.

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