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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jessica’s legs receive much attention

SNSD/Girls Generation is once again being praised for their gorgeous legs, as a picture with Jessica’s legs exposed is receiving explosive attention.

Singer and former member of girl group Fin.KL, Ok Ju Hyun, is known to be close friends with Jessica, and recently uploaded a picture of Jessica on her official Twitter.

Jessica is seen in a very casual look, sporting sunglasses with her hair tied back. She’s also seen without high heels, which are thought to be essential for girl group members, as many look stumpy without them. And from the camera angle, it looked like she wasn’t wearing any shorts at all.

However, netizens have noticed that even without high heels, Jessica’s legs remain slender, which is the form that most Korean girls would like to have.

Fans left comments such as, “She is really slender.”, “Even without high heels, her legs keep its shape.”, “Her everyday look is so cute.”

On another note, a Twitter account with the name of ’Suyeon Jung (jess_syj)‘ has been widely speculated to be Jessica’s real account, as interactions with various celebrities like Jo Kwon, Park Min Young, etc have been made with it. There is also a fair amount of followers, numbering 23,476 now.

There are currently no official Twitter accounts for any of the SNSD members.

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