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Friday, October 22, 2010

SNSD’s Yoona and Seo Hyun leave messages for fans on official website

With SNSD currently preparing for their 3rd mini-album comeback with “Hoot,” members Yoona and Seo Hyun left warmhearted messages for their fans on their official website’s open board in anticipation of their upcoming promotions.

Cutie SONE!!^^
It’s been a while! I wanted to write often TT

We’re currently going back and forth to Korea and Japan^^
We had a concert in Taiwan a while ago
I saw our Korean SONEs complimenting the pretty pink lights,
but also some that were competitive! ke
All of the SONEs in this world are all alike and beautiful, so don’t worry^^

Were you surprised with our “Hoot” present?! keke
All of us were happy in succeeding to surprise everyone
We’ve been keeping it a secret in order to surprise you~
We aimed for our SONEs~ I shoot shoot shoot

Just because we’re in Japan doesn’t mean we’re forgetting our Korean SONE
I was worried you would cheat on us, but no way. Our SONEs are the best^^
I’m not good at expressing myself, and I don’t think I return the amount of love I’m receiving so I feel very sorry at times TT
But you guys all know that, right? Hehe^^

We’re all glad to be able to promote like this ^^
You don’t have to worry about us having a hard time~!
SNSD becomes stronger with the love of SONEs in steel fitness. (How embarrassing keke) Kyaa

We’ll be meeting in a bit!! Are you nervous? I’m excited for our “Hoot” promotions~
Please support us^^ Hoot hoot hoot
SoShi = SONE<3

* One cut from my Japanese studies.. muzukashii desu TT *

Seo Hyun
You thought all of us left for Japan for good now, huh? Hoot.
Were you surprised with our sudden comeback?? Hoot hoot.
Surprise comeback! Hoot~!
Please anticipate a new image of SNSD~
The most important thing is health!
If you want to support SNSD, you must take care of your health~!

Let’s meet on stage soon~!
Hoot hoot hoot ^-^

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  1. i love yoonaaaaaaaaaaa...can you give me more fotos