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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photos from the “Group of G20″ recording revealed

Twenty idol singers recently came together to form the “Group of 20” team and sang the theme song for the upcoming G20 Seoul Summit, “Let’s Go.”

“Let’s Go” is composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Im Sang Hyuk, Eddy, and Yong Jun Hyung, with the album named after the number of idols that came together from each group (or solo).

The idol group members who will lend their voices include Seo Hyun (SNSD), Gyu Ri (KARA), Jun Su (2PM), Chang Min (2AM), Jae Kyung (Rainbow), Jong Hyun (SHINee), Sung Min (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), Ji Eun (SECRET), Jun Hyung (B2ST), Ga Yoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU, and Anna.

Pictures of the recording set were revealed on October 12th, looking much like an all star team.

SNSD’s Seo Hyun commented, “It’s an honor to be able to participate in such a meaningful project. I hope that our song will attract more interest from the public towards the Seoul G20 summit and enable it to have a successful opening.

“Let’s Go” consists of a fast and bright rhythm in order to target the youth. The song hopes to help the youth better understand the rather difficult task of understanding the G20 summit. The fun house rhythm gives the song addictive qualities with a piano riff that anyone can easily follow.

Those that participated in the song were completely voluntary and will earn nothing from the project. All profits made from the album will be donated to multicultural families and the neglected.

The song will be available from the 15th through online music sites.

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