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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hyo Min tears again over Sunny’s empty presence on Invincible Youth

As most of you may recall, on the teary episode of Invincible Youth when it came time for 4minute’s HyunA, and SNSD’s Sunny and Yuri to leave, T-ara’s Hyomin started to drop tears while she was reading a farewell letter to Sunny.

Several reporters flocked over to the KangWonDo Yuchiri area, the scene where the filming for the recent Invincible Youth was taking place. During an interview with Hyomin, she started to tear once again as the topic of Sunny began being discussed.

When Kim Shin Young revealed, “After Sunny left, she said over the phone ‘once you get to know Hyomin, she is naive. So please take care of her well’,” tears started to well in Hyomin’s eyes.

In response to that, Hyomin sadly expressed, “Her empty presence is quite large,”and then brightly stated, “But, now I’m doing well.”

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