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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yoona fits a large amount of jajangmyeon into her mouth on Family Outing 2

This week’s episode of Family Outing 2 took place at YangPyung, where the family feasted on some jajangmyeon – popular Korean dish of noodles with black bean sauce.

However, the family members had to pass through a test first before they could eat. They had to endure a painful 5 seconds or more of being pinched without screaming or showing signs of pain.

As 2PM’s Taecyeon pinched SNSD’s Yoona’s cheek, she unfortunately let out a scream before the 5 second mark. As a result, she was only given the opportunity to eat one-chopstick worth of jajangmyeon.

With the chopsticks, Yoona wrapped a large amount of jajangmyeon and further proved true to her nickname as ‘Big mouth Yoona’, which she earned during a previous Family Outing episode of her stuffing one-chopstick worth of ramen into her mouth.

Meanwhile, this was the last episode of Family Outing.

Check out this segment below!

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