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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunny reunites with Invincible Youth in Japan

SNSD’s Sunny recently reunited with the Invincible Youth cast in Japan after a tearful emotional exit two months ago.

The Invincible Youth cast had gone to Japan last week for a special recording and Sunny who said her goodbyes when she left Invincible Youth rejoined them for this trip.

On July 5th a representative stated, “Sunny has made a surprise appearance…She was very glad to be with her members again and she engaged herself in the filming.

Sunny, who is currently preparing for SNSD’s Japanese single release was able to join the Invincible Youth members, thanks to the high interest level of fans.

It’s been about 40 days since Sunny left and she was able to joyfully spend 3 days and 2 nights with the members in Japan.

In particular, Sunny’s Invincible Youth buddy, T-ara’s Hyomin, who recently cried over Sunny’s empty presence, became teary-eyed upon reuniting with Sunny.

This and other events that occurred while they were in Japan are scheduled for broadcast on the 16th and 23rd of this month.

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