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Saturday, July 24, 2010

SNSD’s Jessica and 2PM’s Nichkhun will be running on Running Man

SNSD’s Jessica and 2PM’s Nichkhun will be the next guests on SBS Running Man.

On July 23rd, a representative stated,

Nichkhun, Jessica, and actress Song Ji Hyo will be the 3rd guests on the show… We cast representative idols for the filming.. And in Song Ji Hyo’s case, she was asked to apppear again for her remarkable variety ability.

Running Man has filmed at Korea’s landmark sites from the Times Square shopping mall in Yeongdeungpo to the World Cup Stadium in Suwon. For their third landmark, they chose the Gwacheon National Science Museum.

This day, the members were split into Nichkhun’s team and Jessica’s team for the games. Although at first it was a bit awkward for Nichkhun and Jessica, after a variety of games, they became closer as friends. Song Ji Hyo who appeared on the last episode also built upon her relationships with the other members as well.

Many were curious to know if Song Ji Hyo had become a regular on the show.

To this a representative explained,

Nothing is official yet. She is close with the members and she is very hard-working, and so she was given the opportunity to appear again.

This episode starring Nichkhun, Jessica, and Song Ji Hyo will air on August 1st.

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