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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yong Hwa confessing that he calls Seo Hyun for personal manners

During the latest of TV show Seung Seung Jang Goo, C.N.BLUE Jung Yong-Hwa appeared in the show along with 2PM Taec-Yeon and Super Junior Choi Si-Won as part of the group of idols who are also acting.

Regarding his virtual wife SNSD Seo-Hyun, Jung Yong-Hwa commented, “As we spent some time together for We Got Married TV show, we became closer with each other. Sometimes we contact each other for personal manners.”

Jung Yong-Hwa continued, “When I was hospitalized with problems on my neck, Seo-Hyun wanted to come and visit. However, there were hundreds of fans already present in my hospital and I didn’t want any rumors so I told her not to.”

When Jung Yong-Hwa was asked during the show, “Who do you like better Seo-Hyun or SNSD Tae-Yeonwhom you were a fan even before your debut?” he answered without hestitation, “Seo-Hyun would be hurt when she hears this question. Of course it is Seo-Hyun.”

Well, could C.N.BLUE Jung Yong-Hwa and SNSD Seo-Hyun become “more” than a just virtual couple within boundary of a TV show?

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