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Monday, July 5, 2010

Soo Young and Jung Shin visit YongSeo couple’s new home

Last week’s episode of the YongSeo couple segment on We Got Married Season 2, left off when SNSD’s Taeyeon had to leave because of her schedules, and Sooyoung and CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin just arrived at the couple’s new home. The following summary is just a tidbit!

Upon their arrival, Jungshin tried to help around the house by attaching the lamp caps onto the ceiling. As Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and Sooyoung were admirably watching Jungshin easily lifting the cap and having no trouble with reaching the ceiling, they then started to tease Jung Yonghwa due to his height.

Sooyoung teasingly asked Yonghwa, “Can you not do it with one hand?”, Yonghwa defensively responded, “I can do it with one hand.” Hyoyeon added onto the mild teasing by suggesting, “I think you’ll have to step on top of the table.”

When Jungshin asked Yonghwa for some assistance with the lights, tall Sooyoung came to the rescue as she easily used her long arms to support holding the lamp that Jungshin was working on.

Later in the episode, Tiffany asked Jungshin, “Who is your favorite SNSD member?” to which he carefully replied, “YoonA sunbae.”

The atmosphere suddenly became cold, as Jungshin senselessly happened to pick YoonA, who was absent on that spot, even with him being surrounded by the other SNSD members. In attempts to turn the mood around, Yonghwa then asked Jungshin, “What do you think of SNSD?” to which he shortly replied, “Good.”

Sooyoung’s reaction gave a lot of laughs as she suddenly flared, not being able to control her ‘anger’ anymore by his short and heedless answers.

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