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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Onew to Yong Hwa, “I’ve been to SNSD dormitory because of Seo Hyun”

An episode happened which had C.N Blue Jung YongHwa wanting to grab SHINee Onew by the neck.

Jung YongHwa and member Lee JungShin were guest appearances on late night variety show KBS 2TV Night Star aired on 11th July.

They were in the topic of police and thief when Onew was asked, “Who was the reason that you went to SNSD’s dormitory?” And Onew answered jokingly, “SeoHyun.”

Jung YongHwa who is the make-believe husband to SeoHyun on MBC We Got Married then responded, “You!” And he grabbed Onew by his neck, which had cause laughter in the filming studio.

Onew later made Yonghwa dumbfounded by reminding him, “Don’t hurt Seohyun’s heart. She is Korea’s younger sister.”

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