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Monday, July 26, 2010

Yuri reveals her twin-like brother

Although thousands out there might claim to be Yuri’s forever oppa, the girl’s biological brother was revealed today on an episode of SBS HahaMong.

During a segment in the show called Mother Asks You, the SNSD girls appeared as this week’s special guests.

Taeyeon began the conversation by sharing how she used to have fights with her brother often when she was young.

Continuing the whole sibling-related conversation, Yuri revealed that she has an older brother as well who looks very alike to her.

To prove the existence of her brother, Yuri took out a Polaroid photo showing herself posing with an oddly familiar-looking man.

Yuri revealed, “I am worried. My brother and I look alike too much.”

She also told that her brother’s name is Kwon Hyuk Joon.

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