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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tae Yeon says her final goodbye on Chin Chin Radio

Girl group SNSD’s “kid leader” Taeyeon, has officially said her final goodbye as a DJ after two long years.
On the 25th of April, MBC Chin Chin Radio had their last broadcast. Taeyeon’s last broadcast however, was a very special one because of the many warm encouragements she had received from various stars.

The SNSD leader had special guests like comedian Jung Juri and singer Maybe, who gave her words of support. Bae Chul Su who broadcasted his MBC FM4U right before Chin Chin also encouraged the singer. Of course, fellow group SNSD came to visit Taeyeon as well. Fans even compiled their own voices singing SNSD’s I Want To Dream With You Forever.
From these warm gestures, the kid leader could not help but shed tears.

Also, actor Kang Dong Won, a famous Korean actor whom Taeyeon chose as her ideal type, left a recorded message for her.

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