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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SNSD members were awkward with each other?

SNSD appeared on KBS 2TV’s Win Win and revealed a few intimate stories about tough relationships within the group.

Member Hyoyeon revealed, “Before we debuted, I didn’t get along well with Taeyeon, who was my age. Even when we ate together, it was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t tell if the rice was going in my nose or in my mouth.

In response, Taeyeon said, “It was the same with me. Even on radio there was a time when I said, ‘Hyoyeon is the most awkward.’”

Another relationship just as uneasy as Taeyeon and Hyoyeon’s was also present. Tiffany and Seohyun.

Tiffany said, “Seohyun was really a burden to me once. Before we debuted, I was put in a room with the overachieving maknae Seohyun. Because I was older, I felt the pressure of having to show a better image than her.

Tiffany continued, “I would show up late sometimes just to avoid the pure and proper Seohyun and prevent myself from ‘corrupting’ her.

The episode will be broadcast on April 20th.

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