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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tae Yeon is looking sad on Chin Chin

The fact that Taeyeon will be leaving her radio program, Chin Chin, has already been revealed, and she has already expressed her sadness by bursting into tears while on air.

However, the tears seemed to have come and gone, because in the recent pictures she uploaded, she is back to her goofy self.

Better to go being happy than sad.

On Chin Chin radio’s photo guestbook, she uploaded a picture of herself acting sad with singer Hong Kyung Min and H-Eugene by her side.

This was the last airing for Chin Chin’s ‘Emergency Escape, Number Three‘ corner that Taeyeon shared with Hong Kyung Min and H-Eugene.

Fans of Chin Chin have left comments reading, “Don’t go Taeng Go,” “I hope that you will return someday,” and ”What fun will I live for now.

It’s okay fans. Although it won’t be the same as being able to listen to Taeyeon’s voice for hours straight, you will still be able to see Taeyeon through KBS’ Win Win and her upcoming musical, The Sun’s Song. But until her final goodbye, stay tuned to Chin Chin for as much as you can!

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