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Friday, April 16, 2010

SNSD are ambassadors for Incheon Airport Customs

Never a day goes by without seeing the girls in the news these days, which just shows how popular they are.

Ahead of their upcoming departure tomorrow for their Shanghai concert this Saturday, the girls minus Jessica and Taeyeon caused a stir this afternoon when they appeared at Incheon Airport.

The reason being that they had been appointed as ambassadors for the Incheon Airport Customs and they were being appointed today in a simple ceremony where Sooyoung received the certficate from the appointed representative.

Besides the ceremony, the girls also went through the various operations that the customs officials go through daily to maintain a safe and smooth airport experience for everyone. These include using the x-ray scanner, sniffer dogs, etc.

SNSD expressed, “We understand the importance of these custom officials who dilligently ensure a safe experience for everyone using the aiport. We will do our best to participate in their campaign policies as ambassadors.”

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