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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sooyoung’s connection with Cha Seung Won’s son… and SNSD’s house?

SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung revealed her fateful connection with actor Cha Seung Won.

SNSD members Sooyoung, Yuri and Tiffany appeared on MBC Section TV Entertainment News on the 9th to show their CF filming site. When the three were asked which male celebrity is closest to their ideal types, Tiffany named Cha Seung Won.

Additionally, Sooyoung bragged, “Cha Seung Won’s son Noah was my elementary school classmate. When I was little, I visited Cha Seung Won’s house frequently.” She also said to Noah, “Your house that I used to visit often a long time ago is where SNSD lives now!”

Meanwhile, when Yuri was asked how she maintains her clean skin, she responded with, “Yesterday I put on 3cm of moisturizing cream.” Sooyoung then joked, “There was water moisture coming out of Yuri’s pillow.”

Watch SNSD talk about Cha Seung Won and their beauty secrets below:

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