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Saturday, April 24, 2010

SNSD’s 30 second LG Cyon Cooky Preview

Earlier in the week we reported that SNSD/Girls’ Generation would endorse LG Cyon’s upcoming Cooky phone. They released a very short teaser and left everyone eagerly waiting for more. Now there’s word that a full Music Video for Cooky will be released on April 26th.

If you can recall, LG Cyon had a hit on their hands late last year with SNSD & f(x)’s promotions of Chocolate Love and they hope to replicate that success with Cooky.

Earlier today a 30 second preview for the upcoming Cooky MV was released and it uses Toni Basil’s 1980’s hit song Hey Mickey but the word Mickey is replaced with Cooky. In the preview you can watch the girls having fun making cookies and dancing with very cute choreography. Thanks to smile4me for the tip and check out the preview below.

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