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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does Seo Hyun really like Yong Hwa?

Earlier, we reported that SNSD will be guests on Win Win, and now we bring you a bit of what’s to be expected.

On this episode, SNSD’s Hyoyeon revealed, “On the days Seohyun meets Jung Yong Hwa and comes home, she talks about her husband to the point where we can’t sleep.

It seems like they’re really dating.”

Then the wife herself stated, “Although at first I worried that it might be awkward, Jung Yong Hwa proved otherwise. He has a very nice personality and is very considerate, he adjusts to you.

Seems like Jung Yong Hwa might have earned some more sweet potato points from Seohyun! This episode will be aired on the 20th!

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