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Saturday, April 10, 2010

SNSD walks the streets on KBS Guerrilla Date

The 9 members of SNSD / Girls’ Generation appeared on the Guerrilla Date segment of Entertainment Relay.

The concept of the segment is to interview someone on the streets of Korea while they’re surrounded by hundreds of fans and casual pedestrians.

Because there are so many members, the girls split into two teams. Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Sooyoung, and Taeyeon on one team and Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, and Yoona on the other. Both teams did a quick performance of Run Devil Run as they walked down the crowded streets of Gangnam.

The girls also went into Gangnam Station and saw a pair of baby shoes on display. This brought about talk on marriage. Yoona revealed, “I want to get married early. At the very latest around age 27 or 28.” Yuri interjected, “Work is still fun. But, if I meet a guy I love, wouldn’t I want to get married?

The interview was also filled with some crazy moments including meeting two CRAZY fans who were madly in love with Jessica and Sooyoung.

The girls also revealed that when they go to the noraebang (karaoke), they especially like to sing 4minute songs! However, a 4minute song isn’t their favorite track to sing. Their favorite song to sing is T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep!

Check out the interview below:

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