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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yuri’s Black Soshi concept photo released

There has been lots of anticipation about SNSD’s Black Soshi concept ever since a tease at the end of their MV for their recent hit single, Oh! but the wait is about to be over!

Starting from March 11th, concept photos of each SNSD member will be unveiled sequentially until the 15th, with Yuri being the first. The Black Soshi concept will be for a new song that’s not included in their Oh! album.

And besides seeing Yuri’s photo getting released first, fans will also be delighted to know that she has recovered from swine flu. SM Entertainment announced on the 11th that Yuri will resume her activities from today onwards and return to hosting Music Core.

But SNSD will be taking a week’s break from performing to prepare for their new track so they will not be appearing from any music shows.

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