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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SNSD’s teaser video for “Black Soshi” concept unveiled!

After literally months of waiting, SNSD has unleashed their dark concept at long last! Back in January, we were dazzled with the nine girls’ peppy Oh! cheerleader concept and shocked with teaser revealing a metamorphosis of maturity now popularly dubbed the “Black Soshi” concept.

Earlier this month, we got to see the SNSD ladies go from sweet to sexy, from Yuri’s droolworthy teaser to maknae Seohyun’s 180 degree transformation. It’s finally time to catch a glimpse of all nine girls together in the MV teaser!

Many have been worried with the dark concept trend that’s been taking the kpop world by storm as of late, but with a teaser like this, I’m sure SNSD doesn’t have any plans of hiding in other artists’ shadows. Their new song Run will be revealed in full on the 17th; stay tuned for the music video which will be released very soon!

Their repackaged album with 3 new songs will drop on March 22nd.

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