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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tae Yeon looks like a doll

Yes, I know, SNSD’s Taeyeon is cute like doll, but that’s not what I meant. Pictures of a little doll figure made by a netizen has been surfacing on the net. The doll, surprisingly, bears a striking resemblance to the SNSD leader.

These pictures have been given the title “Taeyeon hitting the ohmoogo (Korean drum) doll.” Why? Well, the doll looks exactly like Taeyeon from a photo recently taken!

On February 11th, Taeyeon took a photo of herself hitting the ohmoogo for a project she had in KBS 2TV’s Win Win. As seen in the picture, the doll has the same clothes and hairstyles as Taeyeon.

Netizens who have seen this commented, “Even the expressions are the same. Great job making it,” and “It’s really cute and it looks exactly like Taeyeon.

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