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Monday, March 8, 2010

SNSD’s new dark concept to be revealed soon!

SNSD’s new “Black Soshi” concept will be revealed soon!

The girls made a comeback in February with their 2nd full length album titled Oh!. The title track of the same name had a music video that ended with a sneak preview of a “Dark Soshi” going against the happy-go-lucky cheerleading members.

After a quick confirmation from SM Entertainment, the news of a dark and sexy SNSD died down as time went by and nothing came out.

Meanwhile, the crazed hormones of the male fans of k-pop have been sedated with sexy comebacks from groups like T-ara and Kara.

An official from SM Entertainment revealed,

“Fans will be able to see the Black Soshi concept very soon. The charm of this new concept will be the exact opposite of the charm of Oh! Expect good things.”

There still isn’t a release date for the new concept, but fans are all pins and needles in anticipation for a sexy Soshi.

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