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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yong Hwa gets personalized messages from SNSD

The SNSD members have sent some messages to Seohyun’s TV husband Jung Yonghwa

with regards to their sister’s make-believe marriage with him.

On the latest episode of We Got Married shown on March 20th, Jung Yonghwa had received an autographed copy of SNSD’s latest album, Oh! with personalized messages inside from the SNSD members.

Yoona: “Our Seohyun has never been with a man until now. It feels like I’m giving my little sister away.

Tiffany: “Seohyun is very fussy so you have to work extra hard to make her happy. Also, if you make her cry we will hate you.

Jessica: “I hope you will be better than the sweet potatoes Seohyun likes so much.

Hyoyeon: “I feel like my little sister is getting married. I think that if she washes her hands, that 2000 won couple ring you bought her will become rusty.

Seohyun reassured Yonghwa in her own message to him by telling him that even though it might be awkward between them now, she really appreciated his efforts for making her feel comfortable and that they were making important memories.

Yonghwa responded in kind, “I have never had any direct business with SNSD but whenever we see each other at a music program, they always smile at me. I think when I look in their faces, they are saying (indirectly) ‘Are you taking good care of our Seohyun?’ So I will always do my best.

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