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Monday, March 29, 2010

SNSD bemused by ordering of members by netizens

Netizens recently uploaded a sequence ordering of the SNSD members according to different categories such as popularity, singing abilities, television time, looks and more.

Each member won first place of a different category and the rankings revealed a lot about the members, or so they thought.

In a TV show called Story Show Music, they met with SNSD at the site of their music video and their first comeback stage with Run Devil Run.

SNSD commented on the ordering,

“We smiled while looking at it. The height arrangement and the order of when we joined the group are the only things that were correct. In reality, Tiffany has most leadership. Then it’s Seohyun followed by her is Hyoyeon.”

In the order the fans made, the fans put Taeyeon first for leadership. I guess the fans don’t know everything about the girls.

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