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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SNSD’s Run Devil Run track released!

The SNSD girls have been teasing us since January with their “Black Soshi” concept, and the official track has been released – it’s officially called Run Devil Run, and we already know it’s got hit single status!

With tracks like T-ara’s I Go Crazy Because of You and Kara’s Lupin, the femme fatale concept is definitely taking over kpop, but with its infectious chorus and SNSD’s especially dramatic image change, Run Devil Run will undoubtedly S♥NE’s off their feet and probably lure in some new fans in process. There’s also a lack of autotune, something you don’t see very often amongst kpop dance tracks these days.

It’s said that this track was composed by Busbee (Boom Boom Bang), Alex James of Blur, Kalle Engstrom (contributed on Lindsay Lohan’s Speak album) and more.

Furthermore, popular American artist Ke$ha (you know, the one that brushes her teeth with jack) recorded a guide track (thereby unofficial) version, which was leaked onto Youtube in 2008. However, SNSD’s track is the official version of this production.

So the music video won’t be out for a bit of time, but I’m sure this will more than satiate y’all for now; feast your ears on Run Devil Run

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