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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SNSD to debut their new black concept on which show?

This is definitely an exciting week for S♥NES as SNSD / Girls’ Generation will be releasing their new music video for their upcoming single Run (or possibly Devil) in a few hours! But that’s not all! KBS Music Bank has just announced that SNSD will be debuting their new black concept on stage this week via Twitter.

Music Bank tweeted,

“Yes, Girls’ Generation will be stage debuting their new Black Concept!…This week on KBS Music Bank: Daeguk Nam-ah, Outsider, Tiara, Supreme Team, Girls’ Generation, Brian, BEAST, KARA, and many more!”

Are you guys excited for this week’s Music Bank? I know I am! And don’t forget about Brian Joo’s duet with American R&B artist Jason Derulo on Music Bank as well!

Stay tuned as we bring you SNSD’s new music video and highlights from Music Bank this week!

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