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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun bet on a game of pool

On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on the 14th, couple Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun went to go play a game of pool.

If you didn’t recall, in the previous episode, Yong Hwa had admitted that he had a traumatic experience with pool, but he had only went because Seo Hyun kept insisting.

At the pool place, Yong Hwa taught Seo Hyun how to properly play, and after watching her do surprisingly well for her first time, he brought up a bet.

The bet stated that the loser had to piggyback the winner. In this round of pool, Seo Hyun had sadly lost, so Jung Yong Hwa had the honors of getting a piggyback ride from his wife.

Yong Hwa then revealed his true reason to why he didn’t want to go play pool.

He stated, “I don’t want to show a girl that I’m not good at something. So I don’t want to do a dance that I can’t even do well and play pool in front of you, Hyun.

Seo Hyun stated regarding her loss, “It’s okay if you win, husband. It seems as if you lost a lot while playing pool, so I don’t think Yong’s heart would be well if you lost to a beginner like me.

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