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Friday, August 6, 2010

S♡NE’s celebrate SNSD’s 3rd year anniversary

On August 5th, 2007, SNSD / Girls’ Generation made their debut performance with Into the New World on SBS Inkigayo. It’s been a long journey, as it’s been a while since their initial foray into this new world of K-pop, and now their fans (S♡NE’s) are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary.

The most extravagant celebration revolves around an electronic billboard on the Gwanghwamun Building and Non Hyun Dong Metro Building where a video displaying: “SNSD 2010 Japanese Debut, Sones will support SNSD always” is in rotation.

Vietnamese fans also put out an advertisement in the Thanh Nien newspaper.

Awesome fans for an awesome group. Congratulations on the 3rd year anniversary and here’s to many more!

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