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Thursday, August 19, 2010

SNSD to have 3 showcases in one day in Japan

Now officially joining the Hallyu field, girl group SNSD will be having their very first showcase on August 25th, at Tokyo Ariake Coliseum. This extravagant event is expected to unite over 20,000 fans, almost 10 times as big as other typical fan showcases.

Although the agency initially planned to hold the showcase once, the demands were so high that they had to add 2 more shows for the hour long event on the same day.

SM Entertainment expressed, “Because of the high sales volume of SNSD’s DVD (Oricon charts) and the immense attention showered on SNSD by the media and fans, its an amazing feat to have to increase the number of shows just for their first showcase. With the estimated 20,000 fans in attendance, its sufficient to say that SNSD is already the best girl group in Asia.”

SNSD’s debut Japanese single, Genie will be released on September 8th while the MV will be released first through Universal Music Japan Youtube channel on August 20th. The SNSD girls are currently busy preparing for SM Town Live ‘10 this weekend before their showcase next week.

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