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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiara’s Soyeon was envious about SNSD

Tiara member, Soyeon has revealed that she was once envious about SNSD while promoting with T-ara.

In a recent recording for tvN’s Taxi program without Eunjung, Soyeon revealed, “While doing promotions with T-ara, I was once envious about SNSD. As we were still rookies back then, I couldn’t help but notice that the cheers from fans and attitude by production staff towards SNSD were totally different from us (T-ara). I was very envious about that. I thought to myself and hope that T-ara can find success quickly too.”

Soyeon was actually in the final selection to be part of SNSD before joining T-ara. But she later left due to the harsh training and personal reasons.

This episode with T-ara will air on June 10th.

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