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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunny and Luna got busted by Eunhyuk?

On June 25th, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk tweeted pictures of SNSD’s Sunny and f(x)’s Luna getting caught trying to steal a snack from Super Junior’s snack box.

The pictures see Sunny and Luna with a surprised look after being caught trying to take Super Junior’s stuff. Eunhyuk wrote, “Luna… Sunny… You can’t do this… Someone please buy them something to eat…

Netizens replied back things such as, “Cute~,” “I want to buy them something to eat,” “It would be heartwarming to see them share the snacks,” etc.


  1. LOL sunny and luna how cute eunhyuk lol funny sunny she soo adorable i bet she would use her aegyo on eunhyuk to get her out of trouble lol

  2. yaaa..
    so cute...
    suuny n luna... ^_^