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Sunday, June 13, 2010

SNSD to release their debut single in Japan this September

It has been in the planning stages for a while now and plans for SNSD’s Japan promotions have finally been revealed.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 11th, “SNSD will be having their first showcase concert on August 25th at the Ariake Coliseum in Japan which can hold 10,000 fans.”

Having signed a contract this past May, SNSD will be working under Universal Music Japan’s record label Nayutawave Records for their Japan promotions and they are planning to release their debut single this September.

On August 11th, SNSD will also release a special DVD called SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc which will contain seven MVs of their past hits. Fans will get an invite for their Ariake Coliseum concert showcase on August 25th through purchasing this special DVD.

Despite their Japan promotions, SNSD are expected to split their time between their Korea and Japan activities. We wish the girls lots of luck!

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