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Friday, September 3, 2010

SNSD appears on Mezamashi TV and a hardcore fan girl takes the spotlight

A Japanese fan girl who had lost her voice after shouting so much, but still continued to hang on to support and cheer ‘SNSD‘, is currently a hot topic amongst netizens.

SNSD / Girls’ Generation recently appeared on FujiTV’s Mezamashi TV and on the 31st, someone shared a clip of the fan girl at the scene of SNSD’s outdoor performance in Japan on a Korean community BBS.

SNSD opened their first showcase in Tokyo on the 25th, and two days later Fuji TV aired SNSD’s performance at Mezamashi Live for the summer outdoor show.

In the video, a male reporter walks around interviewing various fans. One fan girl sitting on the floor waiting for the performance was so excited that she was cheering ‘SNSD’ while their music video was playing, and even before the performance started, the poor fan girl had already lost her voice.

The fan girl stated, “My voice isn’t coming out, SNSD isn’t even out here yet but even just watching their video… even with just their video I am happy.”

The reporter asked, “Shouldn’t you rest a bit?”, but the fan girl ignored him and screamed out “Jessica!” and “SNSD!”.

Netizens who watched the video was fascinated by the fangirl, leaving comments such as, “I didn’t know the passion of these fans waiting for SNSD was this great”, “Seeing a fan girl being so happy about them is quite unusual”.

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