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Thursday, June 23, 2011

SNSD made first appearance on men’s mag!

The July edition of Japan’s popular men’s magazine, ‘GQ Japan’ which will be available in the market starting June 24th, would definitely be given thumbs up as well as the satisfaction-guaranteed-look by any man as Asia’s no.1 girl group, SNSD would be featured in it. It also contains an interview section with the girls.

According to Japan’s Oricon on June 23rd, GQ Japan also introduced SM Entertainment’s development program. From the interview carried out by GQ Japan with SNSD, one would be able to understand the hard times the girls had gone through before becoming who they are today. The girls had undergone a strict 10-hour training every day. Everything that the girls went through as trainees during their 5 to 8 years pre-debut period were recorded in detail.

In addition to that, it was also mentioned that the use of world’s largest video sharing site, YouTube plays a major role in propelling SNSD’s popularity among international fans.

This was the first time SNSD were featured in Japan’s men’s magazine. Since there seems to be more female SONEs in Japan, we will not be surprised if there are actually more females getting the July edition of this magazine.

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